to be close to you

by Julia Brown

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recorded at various peoples houses over a long period of time.


released February 22, 2013


tags: pop cool Maryland


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Julia Brown Maryland

weird music
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Track Name: 'im falling in love'
walking back to my car
i saw you standing by the wall
i wanted to ask you your name
but i'm too shy and now i won't see you again
if i was a different kind of guy
i'd write you a song with a hook that's like
"oh my god i'm falling in love"
Track Name: library
i was in the library
i heard your name in my ear
my friends blame ghosts
when i went outside
the sky was turning black.
i saw you in the library
even though you’re two states away
my friends blame ghosts
when i went outside
it was just beginning to rain.
driving home i wondered
when you go to sleep do you dream of me?
Track Name: how i spent my summer
looking at your clothes in the light
its dark; it will stay dark all day
and i will move your clothes
from one side of the bed to the other
i will stay in your bed all day
whatever it takes
taking valium
the first snow of the year
walking between two corners of the same room
i will spend all of my money
the same time every week
i will stay in your bed all day
whatever it takes
taking valium
the first snow of the year
driving down winters lane in the summer
spending all winter at your house
Track Name: i will do this for the rest of my life
because you’re still
in my dreams
i guess you mean
more to me
when i’m out
i’m falling out
i guess you mean
more to me
than nothing
i guess you know
you see it in my eyes
every night
i guess you know that
you wouldn’t be there with me
i’m trying not to feel anything
Track Name: 5/21/11
may twenty first
it was all going to end that year
they said it on tv
you came over to my house
we stayed in bed until five
when you left you kissed me by your car
how i wish it had ended then
things wouldn't have gone how they did
everything would have grown cold
we both would have turned into dust
Track Name: i was my own favorite tv show the summer my tv broke
they are coming now
riding bikes behind my car
and no matter how fast i go
i can't leave them behind
a spider pulled from your hair
a feeling that was never there
i stayed up last night
in fact i never slept at all
and on the drive home
i saw a glowing ball of light
rising high above my car
i felt it brush against my cheek
and every summer day
i lost you a little more
taking off my clothes
i am all alone
Track Name: virginia
i watch the sunrise in your kitchen
i see something in the sky
like on my way to south carolina
i was sure that i would die
maybe not then or the next day after
but i knew it was coming soon
from a rest stop in virginia
i saw the sky turn from blue
and now three months and three weeks later
i know it won't be long
Track Name: to be close to you
i didn't see you
i wanna be you
i wanna be like you
i took my clothes off
i put a wig on
i'll never be like you
i'm signing your name
to be close to you
i ruined my veins
to be close to you